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High Altitude Investing Review
Written by Dave Thomson on Oct. 27th 2018
Want to learn how to trade Cryptocurrencies? 
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin(LTC) and other alt-coins using Elliot Wave Theory taught by Dalin Anderson. 
In this post / course review I will cover many of the basic concepts when it comes to Cryptocurrency, Elliot Waves Theory and High Altitude Investing. 

 I hope to shed some light on as to why you would want to pay for and take a training course focused specifically on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more "alt-coins". Using a technical analysis approach like Elliot Wave Theory / Elliot Wave Principles. 
Topics I will cover
What is Cryptocurrency? 
For starters, Bitcoin or "BTC" is a Cryptocurrency. This is a form of digital currency that utilizes blockchain technology. As of May 2018, there are 1,658 different types of cryptocurrencies. Anything not called "Bitcoin" is labeled as an "Alt-coin".

You can view the current marketcap here https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/
"a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.
decentralized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin now provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation"
What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is the technology that cryptocurrency is built on top of. There are many other types of technologies that have and will be built using the blockchain technology. Out of scope for this article. 
"Blockchain or "block chain" is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography.[1][6] Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block,[6] a timestamp, and transaction data (generally represented as a merkle tree root hash)."
Want to learn more about Cryptocurrency?
What is Elliot Wave Theory?
"The Elliott Wave Principle posits that collective investor psychology, or crowd psychology, moves between optimism and pessimism in natural sequences. These mood swings create patterns evidenced in the price movements of markets at every degree of trend or time scale."
Chart Patterns!
In a nut-shell, Elliot Wave Principle is about counting waves, and aligning chart patterns to human psychology in order determine the potential risk vs rewards at that time during a market cycle of a particular asset. 

This is what is know in the trading world as Technical Analysis. 

Other types of technical analysis exists as well as fundamental analysis (not covered in this article). Elliot Wave Principles is just one type of technical analysis traders use to assess probability. 
DEFINITION of 'Technical Analysis'
"Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume. Unlike fundamental analysts, who attempt to evaluate a security's intrinsic value, technical analysts focus on patterns of price movements, trading signals and various other analytical charting tools to evaluate a security's strength or weakness."
Good books on Elliot Waves and Technical Analysis
If you are interested in reading more about Elliot Wave Principle's, I highly suggest the following books on Amazon.

Elliott Wave Principle: A Key to Market Behavior

Charting and Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institute of Finance) 

What is High Altitude Investment?
Now that all that is out of the way, lets get to the actual review of High Altitude Investing.

Dalin Anderson, is the founder of High Altitude Investing in Las Vegas, NV. His brand name is called High Altitude Crypto. 

"High Altitude is dedicated to teaching the art of technical analysis. While nothing is certain, you can, in many ways, predict the markets. The study of emotional market cycles, has been used by professionals in stock market trading, and applies directly to cryptocurrencies also. Cryptocurrency is a booming market, and learning to trade these coins, is one of the most lucrative, and promising opportunities today."
Video of Dalin Anderson explaining how he got started trading Bitcoin.
Too much work? Follow Dalin's trades!
One of the best features of Dalin's VIP Training Course are his signals.
This is why I signed up, SIGNALS!
Honestly, I joined the minute I learned that Elliot Wave Theory existed. I never even heard of it. I then learned that High Altitude Investing provided training on Elliot Wave Principles and also provided, trade setups and signals.

I wanted an advantage and being an engineer by trade this made sense instead of having to know all the fundamentals of a company and their products. 
What are Trade Signals?
A trade signal is a trigger, based on technical indicators or a mathematical algorithm, that indicates it is a good time to buy or sell a security. 

Dalin tells which coins to invest, what percentage of your portfolio should be used and when to sell and provides the technical analysis as to why. 
What are Trade Setups?
A trade setup is basically what a signal is based on. It's a pattern and a set of technical indicators used to determine the beginning of a new market cycle. This is generally when all of the sellers have been squeezed out of the market and none are left. 

This signifies that the "Bear Market" is over and the beginning of a "Bull Market". 
Market Cycle Understanding
Another great feature that Dalin teachs is the understanding of Market Cycles and how it relates to human emotions. A great example provided in one of his recent tweets. 
Free Content!
Dalin has hours and hours of free Youtube videos on his channel. You can learn quite a bit from him in a short period of time on how to get started in Crypto, Bitcoin and trading. If you are not comfortable paying for his training then I recommend consuming as much of his free content as you can at first. Once you've gotten further along you would be able to easily drop in to his VIP level courses.

In my opinion most of Dalin's free content is easy to follow. He's very clear and easy to follow. He's well practice in delivering his teaches it makes for learning super easy. 

Always be sure to check out his Social Media as he also provides a lot of good free content on Social media and on his Trading View account (which I follow). 
free crypto signals
TradingView Course
What is Trading View? 

"TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website. ... TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Talk to millions of traders from all the world, discuss trading ideas and place live orders."

Always be sure to check out his Social Media as he also provides a lot of good free content on Social media and on his Trading View account (which I follow). 

Want to learn how to use Trading View like Dalin? You can sign up here.
Assuming you decided to sign up for the TradingView course. 

Upon signing up and logging in you would just click where it says "Training" at the top of the site and you will be greeted with several course options below. Click in the middle of the  of the image and it will say "Start Course" or "Unlock" (like in my case, since I don't own it). 

And once you are inside the course you will see a series of videos related to the course. I'll have a better example of this in the VIP section of this course review. 

Either way pretty simple with a clean design.
High Altitude Investing tradingview
Course Features
  • Ideal for beginners
  •  Covers core tools - Draw Trend Lines, Switch Time Frames
  •  Very Comprehensive
  •  Trade Like a Pro
VIP Training Course
What is Trading View? 

"TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website. ... TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Talk to millions of traders from all the world, discuss trading ideas and place live orders."

Always be sure to check out his Social Media as he also provides a lot of good free content on Social media and on his Trading View account (which I follow). 

Want to learn how to use Trading View like Dalin? You can sign up here.
Course Features
  • Ideal for beginners
  •   Elliott Wave Theory
  •  Annual Membership
  •  LifeTime Membership
  •  Exclusive VIP Training Videos and Discord Group
The High Altitude Mastermind Program helps you advance your skills as a trader and grow your wealth through a balanced crypto asset portfolio.
  • Mastermind trading strategies, everything in VIP and also includes:
  •  Elliott Wave Theory
  •  Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy
  •  Fibonacci Indicators
  •  Horizontal Support & Resistance
  •  MACD & RSI Strategy
  •  Risk Management And More!
  •  Beginner Friendly
  •  Live Webinars
  •  Exclusive Mastermind Signals and Discord Membership
High Altitude Investing Social Media
Here are all the places you can follow Dalin and his updates related to crypto trading. Receive signal alerts and updates about his promotions. His Youtube channel contains hours of free content.
High Altitude Investing Conclusion!
There are a lot of scams in the cryptocurrency space but this is not one of them. 

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Dalin in one on ones and I have nothing but positive experience when talking with him. I feel like theres still a ton to learn from him and I plan on doing exactly that. 

High Altitude Investing fast tracked my ability to get started with cryptocurrency and bitcoin as well as a lot of other types of cryptos and I  was able to make my money back within a couple of trades just following Dalin's signals. 

Am I saying you should sign up? No! 

Do your research before spending money and make sure this is something you really want to invest in. With that said, there is nothing out there that can produce these kind of percentage gains. We really are at the beginning of something similar to the DotCom and it will be a long time before a new innovative tech comes along where everyday people can take advantage.

Disclaimer! With any type of investment, never put more money in than you can afford to lose! Everyone will experience different results and no guarantees are made. 

If you're wondering about the current prices and/or your are afraid to enter the market, well, guess what? If you knew Elliot Wave Theory or had Dalin's training you might not be so afraid and would be more intrigued for what the next probable outcome might be. "Buy the blood!"

Full Disclosure: I am a Lifetime VIP Member

I hope anyone who reads my review of High Altitude Investing, High Altitude Crypto and Dalin Anderson leaves this course review page knowing a lot more than they originally intended to and will have more confidence when it comes to getting started with cryptocurrency investing. 
Want to learn more about Cryptocurrency? 
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